Monday, March 7, 2011

pad thai, pad thai.

(My old roommate Haylee got me these cute chopsticks on her trip to my city--SF.)

Tonight we used this pad thai recipe from the real great blog fat free vegan.
(I'm cheating because we're still cooking it, but I just tasted the sauce and it is soooo good.)
We adjusted because we didn't have things like rice vinegar and tamarind paste, but it still tastes great.
Our friend Tyler went down to Arizona a few weeks ago and brought us back a big tub of yellow curry paste that only cost us $4. If you're ever in Arizona, call Tyler (because I don't know where it is) and get some. For realz.

Post-meal (and nap) review:
It was incredible. The sauce was really flavorful unlike the pad thai we made last week. We still had half a package of rice noodles and used some whole wheat spaghetti noodles also. We threw in some broccoli and cabbage that were left over from last night's dinner. I recommend it to everyone. Love it forever.

Broccoli: 79 cents a head
Rice Noodles: $3? (but it lasted two meals)
Lemon: 50 cents
Ginger root: 9 cents
Green onions: 99 cents
Tofu: $1.99

We had peanut butter, sriracha, and curry paste already so that helped a lot. It was a very, very inexpensive and delicious dinner.

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  1. this looks yummy. a food blog is a great idea!!