Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not Left Overs, Mom

Tonight we had left overs. . . kind of. We finished off last nights couscous and had it as a side.
Our main dish was cheesy bean and rice burritos. Mine had real cheese and Christina's had Daiya Cheese (vegan cheese). We used rice that belongs to my roommate. We made it with a vegetable bullion cube and added the rest of the can tomatoes and cut up a hand full of cilantro to add to it.
Along with the rice we added the black and kidney beans that we used last night for the couscous salad. It turned out really good and most important we didn't spend any money today on dinner. So the lessons you can take from this post are: Eat your leftovers and try to use food that you already have.

(sorry no pictures were taken, I blame Xtina(not really))(there are a lot of parentheses)

Total Cost of tonights meal = Free .99
(Besides the onion I insisted we buy and didn't use. I'm an idiot(There I go with the parentheses again))

We love you.

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